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Compression Solutions

We offer integrated solutions suitable for a wide range of applications, from the most versatile to the most complete.


Fully engineered CNG compressor packages and fueling solutions.

IMW’s engineering group designs and builds the system end to end with every piece specifically developed to work together, perform reliably and support scalability needs.

IMW is the world’s only manufacturer that offers the advantages of multiple modular configurations.

This modularity allows for units to be adjusted to provide variable supply for higher efficiency at low-demand periods, full redundancy, and enhanced reliability.

Standardized design across a wide performance spectrum reduces project risk.

IMW covers the widest spectrum of compression performances with a standard compressor block. Service and commissioning times and costs are reduced as our partners maintain an inventory of more common parts and require less training.


From site footprint usage, product specification, installation, scalability, and portability to

reducing maintenance intervals, and downtime; the CleanCNG is a cutting-edge solution that delivers reliable performance, peace of mind, and affordability for station owners.


Integrated solution featuring proven CleanCNG technology in a package combining portability with configurable plug-and-play installation. The CompleteCNG is compact and easier to install and relocate vs. standard build-in stations.

Each package features two CNG50 compressors, from 100hp to 300hp electric drive motors, a gas priority panel, buffer storage, integrated non-hazardous electrical control panels, on-skid gas dryer and fill hoses.

Low-HP CNG (S9)

A very compact solution to serve the smaller fleet applications featuring proven SAFE S9 compressor block technology coupled to an electric motor and priority panel.


The UnpluggedCNG is a compact Engine Drive Package. It utilizes a natural gas combustion engine, reducing electrical power requirements. Designed for easy maintenance, it features the same capabilities as the CleanCNG.


A cost-effective and reliable option. It includes an electric drive unit with the IMW50 reciprocating compressor and is offered with or without an enclosure. It features a 1-line and 3-line on-board mechanical priority panel.


The BoosterRNG is a reliable, efficient, and versatile solution. With the IMW50 series compressor, our variable capacity booster compressor for RNG has been specifically designed to optimize the production of RNG, resulting in improved efficiency and a fully synchronized solution for biogas upgraders. The BoosterRNG can be used in different applications, such as injecting gas into pipelines, filling up vehicles, or used in factories for heating or power generation.


Our Hydrogen Hydraulic Compressor (HHC) combines our technical innovation with the current market requirements and has been a game changer for the delivery of clean, high-pressure hydrogen.

With a discharge pressure of up to 950 BARG (15,000 PSIG), IMW HHC is designed to meet the specific needs of the hydrogen market, our compressor offers a range of benefits that can help you achieve your goals.

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