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Compressor Blocks

50 Series

IMW50 series is a well-known non-lubricated W-shaped reciprocating compressor. It supports inlet pressures from 0.2 to 200 barg (7 to 2900 psig) with discharge pressure up to 310 barg (4500 psig) covering the broadest range of operating conditions and flow requirements.

Multiple configurations are achieved using a range of 1 to 5 compression stages in single, tandem or double-acting cylinders.


Low Oil Carryover

IMW’s non-lubricated compressors set the global standard for minimum oil carryover in CNG compressors without the waste, cost and negative environmental issues of additional filters, auto oil drain systems and supplementary oil tanks. Non-lubricated compressors use 95% less oil than conventional systems (10 PPM or less vs. 100 PPM or more).

Low Total Cost of Ownership

The IMW50 compressor is proven to be a durable and reliable compressor that delivers oil-free gas at high pressures. The unique design of the IMW50 combined with engineered material selection and low operating speeds (1000rpm) results in one of the most robust and efficient compressors on the market with 5000run hour maintenance intervals that reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).


The standardized approach that IMW applied to the IMW50 compressor block allowed it to cover the widest spectrum of compression requirements with a single block instead of multiple, unique machines. This standardization effort benefits the customer in less required training and fewer parts to stock.

H2 Hydraulic

The 2-Stage Hydrogen Hydraulic compressor is designed to meet high-pressure applications with a discharge pressure of 950 barg (15,000 psig). This oil-free liquid-cooled hydraulic compressor is designed for Class I, Zone 2, Group IIC hazardous area classification and it can deliver up to 723 Sm3/h at maximum inlet pressure.


Oil Free

Oil-free non-lubricated cylinders protect the gas from contamination. Full stroke length distance pieces isolate the hydraulic drive oil from the gas system.


Long slow stroke and small clearance volume in the compressor result in high volumetric efficiency.


The pistons in each cylinder allow for quick removal for servicing by removing the head.

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