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Based in Canada, IMW is known as the Quality manufacturer and global supplier of CNG, RNG and Hydrogen systems and equipment that serves a wide range of downstream applications.

IMW joins the Landi Renzo Group

New asset, same approach as always

Becoming part of the Landi Renzo Group is a big step toward the vision that drives our work. Together we bring a significant contribution to the global energy transition.

Would you like to know more about our commitment?

CNG, RNG and Hydrogen compression

With a dedication to delivering efficient, high-quality integrated solutions, IMW sets the benchmark for natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen delivery.

IMW is the world’s only manufacturer that offers the advantages of multiple modular configurations.

This modularity allows for units to be adjusted to provide

  • Variable supply for higher efficiency at low-demand periods,
  • Full redundancy,
  • Enhanced reliability.

Our engineering team designs and builds the compression system end to end. Every single component is developed to work together, to operate reliably, and to support your scalability needs.

Double configuration

Triple configuration

Compression Solutions

IMW compressors are among the most versatile natural gas compressors on the market today.

Fully integrated systems are designed, manufactured, packaged, and tested by Clean Energy Compression’s in-house engineering and production teams, using standard models and custom equipment designs.

Gas Management Panel

To complete our gas handling solutions, we offer highly efficient Priority Panels.

Gas off-loading solutions

This product segment offers pressure reduction units and decanting solutions designed for bulk CNG transportation. These solutions efficiently reduce the gas pressure from transportation modules to meet the specific application pressure requirements of the end user.

IMW Pressure Reduction systems are not only compact but also engineered for full-rated flow with minimal pressure drop, providing an integrated solution. Our PRS2000 model features an automatic switchover between trailers, ensuring a seamless flow without any interruption.

Filling and Storage Solutions

To complete our gas handling solutions, we offer a wide range of storage and filling solutions that cover all fill requirements for low and high-flow rate fills.

Service offering


IMW is well known for its outstanding Aftermarket support, we stand behind our products and we support our customers throughout the product lifecycle.
You can count on our Aftermarket team’s extensive capabilities, supported by strong in-house engineering resources.

You can rely on

  • A strong global network to serve your needs.
  • Over 40 years of experience in reducing operating costs and providing added value to your business.

Market and applications

IMW fueling station equipment and systems are suitable for different market segments.

Commercial CNG Stations

Transit CNG Stations

Refuse / Trash Sector

Virtual Pipeline

Heavy Duty Trucking

Enough about us

Tell us about you and your goals. We’ll figure out together how IMW Clean Energy Compression can add value to your projects.