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Gas management panels

Gas management panels (also known as Priority Panels) are designed to provide fill priorities by directing the gas flow from the compressor, allowing you to prioritize filling either dispensing units or storage vessels based on defined criteria. This ensures a tailored and efficient distribution of gas according to the specific needs of your application and site requirements.


Customizable solutions

IMW Priority Panels are highly customizable, allowing for tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of your application and site requirements. With a customized solution, you can be sure that your gas management system is operating at peak performance, with minimal waste and maximum productivity.

Increased Fill Efficiency

Priority panels play a crucial role in optimizing compressor size for a given application. Through the proper allocation of priorities and utilization of correctly sized storage vessels, our panels contribute to maximizing the efficiency of the compressor.

Extended equipment life

By managing the priority of filling, our priority panels minimize the frequency of compressor starts and stops. This not only conserves energy but also extends the lifespan of the compressor, contributing to overall operational reliability and cost-effectiveness.


IMW Standalone Priority Panel is a highly efficient gas distributing panel designed to meet the requirements for large fleet operations whether for fast or slow fill scenarios.


IMW On-Skid solution offers a compact integrated priority panel that is mounted on the compressor package to save space and installation costs for smaller operations.

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