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Why green energy infrastructure?

We are committed to creating a world in which everyday life and business productivity produce as few emissions as possible.

The first step was to design solutions for managing the cleanest of fossil fuels: compressed natural gas (CNG).

CNG combustion releases minimal amounts of carbon emissions, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and ash particulates. Although it produces greenhouse gases, the amount is significantly less than gasoline or diesel. This reduces the environmental impact and harmful effects of global warming.

A good solution is not enough.

In these challenging times, the energy transition requires huge investments in alternative, highly innovative solutions designed to compress renewable emission-free energy sources, such as biomethane and hydrogen.

At IMW we give a concrete answer to sustainability by providing innovative solutions for compressing RNG and hydrogen.

If CNG is good,
RNG is better

RNG is a carbon-neutral energy source because it comes from organic sources. Turning organic waste - that would otherwise decompose and create GHG emissions - into biomethane (RNG) is an environmental and economically win-win solution.

It's a solution at our fingertips and provides opportunities to reduce our costs, our emissions and meet global decarbonization goals.

Hydrogen: the future is getting closer

To make our environmental impact significant we must switch to energy production from renewable sources.
As we know, this means being able to deal with intermittency and seasonal imbalances. Hydrogen, like RNG, offers the opportunity to store, transport and distribute energy along the entire energy infrastructure.

At IMW, we have developed a reliable, clean, and innovative solution capable of compressing hydrogen to very high pressures (up to 950 bar).

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We believe in a carbon-free world.

We are committed to finding sustainable solutions for every use, and application, throughout the entire infrastructure energy value chain, from post-generation to distribution. We are convinced that a good solution is not enough, so we’ll continue to invest in developing highly innovative compression and decompression solutions that add value to our customers in terms of TCO, performance and efficiency.

We stand by the environment.

IMW promotes a conscious and intelligent use of natural resources.

Go green

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