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Gas offloading solutions

This product segment offers pressure reduction units and decanting solutions designed for bulk CNG transportation. These solutions efficiently reduce the gas pressure from transportation modules to meet the specific application pressure requirements of the end user.


Our largest PRS with 2000 Nm3/h flow rate. Our CleanPRS provides a reliable and continuous gas supply in a standard and compact design. In addition, to the minimal pressure drop in its class, the CleanPRS features non-interrupted gas flow during trailer switchover while maintaining efficient and reliable outlet pressure and temperature for any application.


Compact Design

With a small footprint, space constraints are no longer an issue, CleanPRS has a very compact design yet is easy to maintain. In addition, its standard components simplify the maintenance.


CleanPRS is designed to utilize a control valve for the final pressure reduction stage which allows IMW to perfectly synchronize multiple CleanPRS higher flow demand. This feature also provides the customers with large sites with redundancy, flexibility in flow rate as well energy savings when various demand is required.

Advanced heating control

The use of a temperature control valve provides well-controlled gas outlet temperatures at different flow rates and different upstream gas pressures.


IMW’s PRS-500 is a compact gas offloading equipment that incorporates a Decant Post, Pressure Reduction Module (PRM), and a Heating Control Module (HCM) combined in one design. Gas is heated via an electric heater which makes the design compact, and efficient and provides a continuous gas supply. The PRS-500 has two hoses for trailer switchover which minimizes the gas supply interruption.


Zero-E is a compact and reliable pressure reduction unit built to reduce carbon footprint and provide an efficient gas supply with reliable outlet pressure and well-controlled gas temperature for various applications.

Trailerdecant CNG

IMW’s TrailerdecantCNG provides a high-flow and efficient solution for industrial gas trailer offloading applications, to ensure maximum offloading with high-flow efficiency.

Defueling Panel

IMW’s Defueling Panel is designed to offload gas from vehicles in case maintenance is required where it captures the gas and re-introduces it to the compressor inlet piping. This Defueling Panel is compact and easy to install, making it suitable for various needs.

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