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The exclusive benefits of working together

We are a proven manufacturer with the world class experience you can rely on

  • A century of manufacturing experience
  • Three decades of experience in manufacturing non-lubricated CNG compressors

We set the global standard for minimum oil carry-over in CNG compressors

That means:

  • Lower operating and maintenance costs (OPEX)
  • No oil carry-over in the compressor unit or vehicle systems
  • Increased refilling station profitability

All our solutions are designed and built by our team of engineers from the concept to the completion.

IMW provides complete CNG compressor systems and refuelling solutions. We guarantee high durability and reliability for every product we offer.

Our products are designed as multiple modular systems.

Choosing us as your partner will give you unbeatable economic and performance advantages.

  • Greater efficiency in times of low consumption
  • Full redundancy
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Technical opportunities to scale your business

Standardized design

With a standard compressor block, we cover the widest spectrum of compression performances.

That means:

  • reduced maintenance and commissioning time
  • optimized inventory management

Still have doubts?

Find out what we can do for you today.