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Filling and Storage Solutions

IMW’s filling and storage solutions have been designed and built for continuous operation at the highest capacity while ensuring optimized fill, and high standards of performance and reliability.

Filling solutions

Trailerfill Post

Metered or non-metered, IMW’s Trailerfill Post delivers high-capacity fast-filling for industrial gas loading. Proven performance with fill rates as high as 5,000 scfm ensures trailers are filled completely and quickly on the road again. Successful and profitable virtual pipeline operation means fast filling, simple, safe operation, and total system oversight from the remote operations center.

Timefill Post

IMW’s Timefill posts are designed for time fill where vehicles can fill during a designated time window delivering consistent CNG fueling performance for your fleet. Compact size and modular design make the Timefill post easy to install and affordable. High-quality pressure fitting components are used throughout and are skillfully assembled to perform reliably and accurately under the toughest CNG fueling conditions.


IMW’s dispensers are available in 1, 2, and 3 bank configurations, tailored for the efficient filling of buses, taxis, and cars. Our CNG dispensers are designed to utilize premium materials, hardware, and electronic components to ensure the rapid and accurate filling of natural gas vehicles. IMW’s dispensers are renowned for their accuracy, durability and reliability.


Storage modules allow captured CNG to be used instead of needing to turn on the compressor unit. Available in 750, 1250, and 2000 Liter, IMW’s storage modules come in a 1-Bank or 3-Bank configuration to provide a stable and efficient solution for utilizing captured CNG which reduces the number of starts and stops for the compressor.

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